Wherepeopleplay Mix 06 – The Unhottest

Hello folks, thanks for stopping by.
Happy to share the 6th Wherepeopleplay Mix with you today, courtesy of Essen’s finest, The Unhottest. Following their 2015 EP, We All We Are, on Steve Bug’s Dessous Recordings, The Unhottest release their 2nd album, Double Universe, Apr ’16, accompanied by a European album tour. Their active schedule includes running the Elektronische Wiese Festival, doing remixes for people like Mateo & Matos, Phonique and Monkey Maffia, playing gigs with Matthias Tanzmann, Martin Landsky, Sasse, Vincenzo, Mathias Schaffhäuser and Luna City Express, and running the labels ISENDIT & GlamYouNot on Whatpeopleplay. Collaborations include Ufoboys with Manuel Tur, and MWUA with Urban Absolutes.

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Fore more info and to hear some more of their music, check out The Unhottest’s profile page.