Pacifica “Memory Man” EP on Drumpoet

“The second EP from Zurich-based Pacifica, “Memory Man“, is a trippy journey combining folk and future house.” (Drumpoet) Released on Drumpoet, remixes by Kalabrese and Frankey + Sandrino are getting plays by Dixon, and Âme, respectively.

Memory Man” was drafted some 3 years ago in Berlin and over time and many changes reached its definitive shape with its dreamy acoustic guitar lick and that solitary vocal line” – Pacifica

“I really like the Kala remix :-)” – Quarion
“I like these” John Talabot
“Love all versions”Animal Trainer
“Great tune and awesome remixes!”Peter Kruder
“Love the Kalabrese mix!” Ripperton
“Very original stuff” Fred Everything
“Warm-up, peaktime and last record on one release!”Matthias Meyer

Jimi Jules opening his Boiler Room set with ‘Memory Man’ (Kalabrese Remix)