Rogan_Pic-1-500 x 500For our next chapter in the series, we had a sit down with Rogan. This Leeds producer is fast making a name for himself with unique DJ-sets and his 7-piece live band, which has captivated festival crowds this summer, and his releases on the Jon Kennedy Federation. But enough with introductions, here is Rogan, in his own words…

“I’ve found that since the rise of digital music on the internet has happened, albums are becoming less popular and a single track can help break an artist into prominence in modern music culture.  But there’s something in between, the EP (or Extended Play record), originally made during the 1950s to fit on a 45rpm record but now gaining popularity in the digital market.  An EP gives the musician(s) enough artistic freedom to create a collection of songs showing their diversity but also keeping it concise enough so that the listener won’t get bored or switch off before the end.  Anyway, it’s one of my favourite ways to discover music so here’s a list of 5 great EPs you may have never heard before:”

1. Phonat – Identity Theft EP
Phonat shows off his production prowess throughout this outstanding Future Garage EP which keeps me captivated from the start, and it just get better as it goes on. Phonat’s production style and soulful vocal samples are prominent throughout and makes this an incredible and unique EP.

2. The Planty Herbs – Output EP
This one is a great demonstration of how diverse an EP can be. Starting with a cracking House track but later evolving into dark Dub and soulful D&B. I truly think that the title track Output is the best D&B track I own!

3. Re:tract – Music Sold Separately EP
Anyone that knows my music already gotten to know Re:tract, a close friend and a top level producer and this amazing EP is proof of it with it’s jazzy hip-hop beats and soulful vocal lines, it’s truly a great record.

4. Ambassadeurs – M.O.P.E. EP
I discovered this man’s music out at a festival I was playing where we ended up sharing the same stage and was instantly blown away. It’s almost hard to choose a favourite record from all that Ambassadeurs has to offer but I think this one really does stand out. I have to confess I’m not hugely keen on the third track but the other 3 scorchers are more than enough to make up for it.

5. Phaeleh – The Cold In You
Some may argue this is not officially an EP but I couldn’t talk about my favourite music without mentioning Phaeleh, he’s been a huge influence on my own music too. This album has the right amount of tracks and lasts the right amount of time to be called an EP. Phaeleh’s sound is truly unique and takes the best of Bristol Trip-Hop and throws it in the mix with some razor-sharp Garage and Dubstep beats. Well worth checking out if you don’t know him already.

Rogan`s EP was released on the 22nd of July on Jon Kennedy Federation: