kwpromopicWelcome to another post from one of our artists – Kid Who . Don’t let the name fool you – the South London resident been around for quite a while now, a party promoter, fierce DJ and producer with releases for labels such as Clan Destine Traxx, Pizzico Nobel, OM and Cocktail d’Amore, not to mention under his own Bravura label. co-run with fellow South Londoner Andrew Yukon.
Though his earliest releases were based on house and disco edits, for the past few years Kid Who has been exploring the more dirty and rough side of dance music, both through the his own productions (check the cassette-smeared house of his Mirgage Sequence EP or the slo-mo techno grind of ‘Gap Related Injury’ on Clan Destine Traxx’ VA 12” Dark Acid IV), as well as through the artists he brings to Bravura, with appearances from the likes of Jonathan Kusuma, Scott Fraser, Matt Weiner/TWINS and Jerry Riggs.

A long-time lover of acid house, Kid Who tells us that the next two EPs lined up for the label, due out over the coming months, will take a decidedly acidic turn… With this in mind, and as a tribute to the untimely loss this year of two acid legends, Spank Spank and Andreas Gehm, Kid Who has decided to pick out some of his favourite acid records, old and new…

Andreas Gehm – 1000 Miles

I’ll kick things off with something from the late, great Andreas Gehm, who sadly left us earlier this year under incredibly tragic circumstances. Few have contributed more to the continuation of the acid sound in recent years, with numerous releases under a number of aliases, not least Elec Pt. 1, through which he often explored sharp electro sounds as well as traditional acid house. For this, I’ve chosen what is arguably one of his more basic creations ‘1000 Miles’ from his 2013 album Black Pukee, which, despite (or perhaps due to) its simplicity, feels to me like an instant acid classic.

Traxx – BaseAcid2

I’m a huge fan of pretty much everything the wonderfully eccentric Melvin Oliphant III does, from his stellar solo productions and collab work with Beau Wanzer (another favourite of mine) as Mutant Beat Dance, to the countless gems to be found on his Nation label. ‘BaseAcid2’ comes from a split 12″ from 2014, released on Dutch label Anunnaki Cartel. The whole record is a treat, with Amir Alexander delivering two introspective acid rollers on the flipside, but its this grinding, clattering 303 workout that really shines for me.

Matt Whitehead – To The Beat

Bravura co-founder Andrew Yukon turned me onto this when it first came out in 2012, and its been a go-to track for me ever since. It’s tough but funky-as-hell, and I’ve had a great reaction every time I’ve played it. Also worth checking on the same 12″ is the more menacing (but still ludicrously fun) ‘A is for Acid’.

Armando – World Unknown (My Mixx is Dunn)

A stone-cold classic – would you expect anything else from a circa 1988 Mike Dunn mix of an Armando track? You really can’t go wrong with those incessant 303 blips underpinned by a gigantic 909 tom groove. Not only that, but this is also the track which lent it’s name to what, for me, is one of the coolest long-running parties I’ve ever had the pleasure of frequenting. Anyone who has ever danced at one of Andy Blake & Joe Hart‘s fabled South London shindigs will know exactly what I’m talking about…

Steve Poindexter – Born To Freak

While we’re on the classics… This one never gets old, tension all the way – and I’m a sucker for those reverse tape effects. Poindexter is a boss.

Abrax – Flying Papers

Sublime and ever-so-slightly proggy acid techno from 1995 on Elecktrick Records. Sadly not cheap to pick up a copy these days.

Lenson – Complete Muppets

Deliciously rubbery acid business from Lenson, released earlier this year on Paling Trax, that I’ll certainly be reaching for time and time again for years to come.

Sendex – Do You Really

Expert drum programming and a hooky bassline are coupled with pitched-down vocals on this timelessly sleazy Sendex cut from 2003 on Bunker. Great release, great producer, great label!

Kel – Phyta

Celestial moves on the title track from Kel‘s ‘Phyta’ EP released in 2014 on 7777. The combination of the melancholic chord sequence and meandering 303 pattern is an intoxicating mix, but it’s the detailed, intricate percussion work that really takes the track to higher plains.

Smersh – Rhythm Crash

Absolutely killer archive material from Mike Mangino and the late Chris Shepard. ‘Rhythm Crash’ was originally released on their 1991 cassette Deep House Anthems, but was fortunately reissued on vinyl last year on the Cassette Pets compilation, thanks to the consistently on-point Dark Entries label. Smersh were an American experimental DIY industrial synth group who self-released countless cassettes between 1981 and 1995. There are endless hidden gems to be unearthed in their vast discography, but this one is probably my favourite. Mangino still makes music today and has stuck to his DIY principles; his new work is mostly self-released via his M-Pop Recordings imprint, however Andrew and I were lucky enough to snag him for an EP of brittle deep house excursions for Bravura, released under his Slow Bodega moniker.

BONUS: Spanky – Acid Bass

And finally… here’s something from Earl Smith, Jr. aka Spank Spank, co-founder of Phuture, the group that pretty much started this whole acid house thing with their seminal epic ‘Acid Tracks’. If you have read up to here than you will probably already be aware that he sadly passed away only a few days ago. Here’s hard-hitting acid house delight, taken from the compilation Acid Trax vol. 3, released on Trax Records in 1989.

Kid Who launches his new monthly club night ‘Power Outrage’ on November 4th in South London’s Bunker Club. More details here:

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