14633019_1479201102120011_3274658465434627443_nWe welcome 2017 with the next installment of our Get To Know blog series. Our terrifically talented German DJ, Producer and Label boss Breger spreads his time between Europe and Asia, producing prolifically and playing at select events worldwide. Co-founder of the bEATPLANTATIOn festival in Ruhrgebiet and resident DJ for the legendary Tonkind and Vortex parties, Breger’s signature sound: straight up no-nonsense minimal techno, super-tight production and fierce beats that retain a playful element, keeping things warm and full of feels.

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Breger gave us 5 of his favorite albums and tracks throughout the years:

1. TON STEINE SCHERBEN “Der Traum Ist Aus“

Album: Keine Macht Für Niemand, David Volksmund Produktion (1972)
This legendary band can be described as a german version of The Doors. TSS lyric’s are more focused on political developments but there songs are created with a similar sense of timeless sound. They developed THE soundtrack for the squat and D.I.Y. culture of the 70’s & 80’s in cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Their melodies and arrangements are far out there, I love all their songs.

2. CRASS “The Swan Song“
Album: 10 Notes On A Summer’s Day, Crass Records (1985)
This atmospheric trip is a state of mind which is pretty rare: it’s spooky and healing at the same time. I found this record at a flea market when I was 16 years old. As a true punk rock fan I could feel that it could get tricky enjoying this album. The cover artwork looked more experimental than what I was already used from this avant-garde band from UK. Anyway, I bought the vinyl (with the last of my girlfriend’s money) It took me a while to understand this unique groove, but once I caught on, it never left me. I loved to experiment with it! Lots of times I play it at 33rpm instead of 45rpm.

3. APHEX TWIN “Stone In Focus“
Album: Selected Ambient Works II, Warp Records (1994)
I truly cannot imagine my last 15 years without this masterpiece of sound. It’s ultra-elegant and very reduced and has be always present in my personal background. Somehow it keeps constantly changing, it always affects me slightly differently each time I hear it.

4. DJ SHADOW “Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)“
Album: Preemptive Strike, Mo Wax (1997)
When I first heard this groovy organ melody, I couldn’t get enough of it. Actually my career as a DJ started: with this breakbeat tune I was suddenly able to unite all friends on the dance floor. We were all divided by our different taste of music but a guy like DJ Shadow could make the genre-walls disappear. Only issue: what the hell can you play after this banger?

5. THE BLACK DALHIA MURDER “Goat Of Departure“
Album: Everblack, Metal Blade Records (2013)
Being part of the electronic music scene made me miss quite some developments in rock music. When I finally took some time to come back, I was very surprised about the variety of bands and styles in the global metal scene by then. This piece by the Detroit based band brought me totally back to my music roots: honest and raw, fast and hard. I am not only in love with this arrangement; I am dream of transferring this kind of advanced drumming and structure into techno music.

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