Deep Space Orchestra – Very nice words from Flux

3 years in the making & produced by The Revenge, Deep Space Orchestra’s debut LP, Memory, is out now and available in double gatefold vinyl, CD and digital format from all good record shops and digital emporia.
Check out a review in Flux

“It’s strong because – as you’d expect from a duo who have sixteen previous releases to their name – they really know how to make this type of music. There is a playfully inventive streak that runs throughout the release, and Deep Space Orchestra are technically proficient enough to bring their ideas to fruition. In an era of fetishization of lofi anti-production techniques, hearing excellent mastering and mixing down is refreshing. Their tunes are also impeccably sequenced; they shift and evolve over the course of their runtime. This is especially evident in ‘All Systems Down’, a 9 minute epic of a track that starts off sounding like euphoric piano-house being transmitted from a space station, before throwing off the shackles 5 minutes in and getting progressively deconstructed towards the end. “ Flux

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