Rogan is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer based in Leeds, UK. His music takes it’s roots from the thriving dub scene there alongside the jazz and EDM scenes that are making just as big an impact in his home city. These influences have given Rogan his own unique style of electronica, although sharing similarities with some of the other hidden gems to have come out of Leeds including Bonobo and Submotion Orchestra.

With a deep background in music and performing in bands, Rogan has developed several ways of getting his music heard in a live environment including as a DJ and as a 7-piece live band with a projection mapped visual display. He is in the process of setting up a 4-piece purely electronic group as well using hardware synths and samplers.

The self release of his first EP “10/11/12” back in 2013 has led to collaborations with many other great up-and-coming acts such as downtempo king Jon Kennedy, electro-swing pioneers Bart & Baker and vintage icon Marcella Puppini amongst many others. This suits Rogan’s ethic on music of “What’s the point of competing with others when you can just work with them!” It has also led to performances in many famous venues including La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, Soundwave Festival in Croatia and of course Leeds West Indian Centre.

With a new EP due July 22nd out on Jon Kennedy Federation just ahead of playing a number of this summer´s festivals, including Soundwave festival in Croatia, the future’s looking bright for Rogan but still with an underlying element of keeping it chilled!