Berlin based DJ & Producer Breger, is not one to sit still. Co-founder of the Beatplantation festival in Ruhrgebiet and resident DJ for Tonkind & Vortex nights. Musical collaborations include with Timboletti on techno/minimal Label ‘Copycow‘ and live Act ‘Falling Cows‘ with Moog Conspiracy. He’s also resident A & R for Soupherb Records. Breger’s style varies from deep and minimal house to savage techno cuts. Constant throughout his productions and sets are take-no-prisoners beats and tight production skills. Consistently charting in the top 10 minimal/techno releases on Beatport, Breger has a busy release schedule throughout 2016, in addition to worldwide bookings.

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Labels: Copycow, Soupherb, Der Hut, Shinocs Music, Creepy Finger Records, Tonkind, Lethal Dose Recordings, Qilla Records, Elektrotribe


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