Arcene K

Arcene K is a complete electronic artist, producer and DJ since 2002. His influences are varied encompassing jazz, techno & house. His broad musical openness allows him to play with various styles, which draws the attention of others DJs as well as the public. His DJ sets include great technical skill and high visual impact.

Today, his DJ set musical references varies from deep-house to techno, through more minimal rhythms. His live set includes acclaimed jazz pianist Thomas Duvigneau and hints at Nicolas Jaar and is very dancefloor-friendly. Arcene K refers to colors when talking about his work. For him, to compose a song is like painting, each frequency is associated with a color and the mixture of these frequencies draws an image, providing form to his music.

In love with Brazilian music, Arcene finds Brazil his second home. In 2014 he opened with a live performance at the SP Urban Festival and played in the best night clubs of the country. He has played with Richard Bartz, Octave One, Quartet, Tarlouf X, Da Fresh, Miss Torn, Kardinal, Gardens of Gods, Tom Hades, Ben Sims…

As an electronic music lover, Arcene is a militant of the techno music. He has founded Déviations Sonores, in 2004 and Spoon in 2014. In December 2013, he has opened “La Petite Chaufferie” (The Small Boiler Room) with some friends in Paris, an organic bar where he is resident DJ.

DJ Mixes